Sunday, April 08, 2012

What's HOT: Jilla Sara's Ethnic Collection 2012

I love it how fashion nowadays is very BOLD, FREE and UNIQUE
You can basically dress your own way. Expressing yourself is the TOP TREND of 2012 and so is ethnic/tribal prints and I am so in love with JILLA SARA's Print on Print ethnic pieces, tribal maxi skirts and dresses.

Here are some pictures from her collection:

Floor-length, Native Tube Dress

Floral Silk Maxi Skirt 

 Bell-bottom Rose Pants
 V-Neck Ethnic Printed Chiffon

Ethnic One Shoulder Top 

She played with different prints and colors and I am so obsessed with the prints (I love everything with tribal element/print <3). I love it how she mixed 2 different prints like floral and tribal and make it work. 
It is definitely a must try combo! :) 

This is a good year to start revamping your closets and trying new things. 2012  is a good year to be brave to dress up, wear more colors and prints and just have fun! Jilla Sara's Ethnic collection offers clothes that you know you need to have so just visit her Facebook HERE or Twitter HERE :)   

Tell me what you think about her collection. 

Love Love, Denise <3

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