Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ferocetti's been idle for quite some time since me and my co-owners are really busy. 
Some with work, job hunt, studies but now we're back!

 photo 14891_548030295215587_657482385_n_zps8fd0e230.jpg

 photo 601142_548013231883960_1359615391_n_zps2eb43e10.jpg
Over-sized Aztec Top: P 300
 photo 535363_548021545216462_1111654816_n_zpsf0434044.jpg
 Black & Gray Aztec Sweater: P 280
 photo 314800_548013158550634_1253061637_n_zpsdae557c9.jpg
 White Over-sized Fringe Top: P 300
 photo 46754_548021478549802_277957148_n_zpsb1a8c48f.jpg
 White Rabbit Over-sized Top: P 300
 photo 535662_548013141883969_1265884818_n_zps07052144.jpg
 Black Sheer Long Sleeves Top: P 350 
 photo 74179_548013391883944_1116806933_n_zps93a6d5e7.jpg
 White Vintage Design Top: P 300

 photo 537393_548019935216623_57952420_n_zpsc5b2acea.jpg
 FEROCETTI SHOP is BACK! :) So what are you waiting for? 
Shop now. Shop Crazy. Shop at FEROCETTI. :)
You can visit our page here: FEROCETTISHOP

Love Love, Denise <3

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wild n' Studs

You guys know how much I love studs, wild prints and black and today I wore all of those in one look.
Well, as they say when in doubt, wear black.
It's not that it's a safe color but it suits every occasion and everyone.
As for me, I love black cause it's sexy and edgy. You can wear it simply or you can over-do it.
So today I wore an all black ensemble with a kick of print my favorite leopard print leggings. 

 photo HPIM5121_zps23324bb2.jpg

 photo HPIM5130_zps9c2933bd.jpg

 photo HPIM5142_zps105c89f7.jpg

 photo HPIM5147_zpscea388da.jpg

 photo HPIM5155_zpsa65f092f.jpg
  Ruffled Top from Thrift Store, Studded Leather Jacket from Cotton On, Leggings from Jeff(Gift), Heels from Primadonna, Necklace from Ferocetti, Ring and Bangles from Bazaars

 photo HPIM5158_zps2ad1bd5f.jpg

 photo HPIM5161_zps6044eb05.jpg
As of today, this is my favorite look. It's edgy, sexy, rocker-ish and fun.

What do you think about my look?

 Anyway, today is my brother, Kevin's 20th Birthday! 

Love Love, Denise <3

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sick and Blue

 photo HPIM5108_zpse408eeb8.jpg

 photo HPIM5112_zpsc5c15562.jpg
I'm really not feeling well today but still managed to smile in front of the camera. Haha. 
The weather is always bipolar here in Manila and that's why maybe I caught a flu.
Or maybe I got it from my Dad since he's been sick for a few days now. Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, here's my OOTD:
 photo HPIM5113_zps5bc7f4d8.jpg
Today I wore one of my favorite prints, Aztec printed top from, Tutu Skirt from Ferocetti (I wore this before here), Studded belt from People are People, Heels from Primadonna, Beanie from Beanies Online Shop and Bangles from Bazaars.

 photo HPIM5116_zps788e1ef0.jpg

 photo HPIM5117_zpsb090f449.jpg
My eyes are about to close, hahaha. 
I need to get some rest now. 
You can also HYPE my looks in lookbook here.

Love Love, Denise <3

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Lazy day hence the no brainer outfit. 
I just put on basic simple pieces. 

 photo HPIM5077_zpsba872c3a.jpg
Sleeveless top from Old Navy, Shorts from Robinsons Department Store, Leather vest and Bangles from Ferocetti and Heels from Primadonna.

 photo HPIM5079_zps565f8cc0.jpg

 photo HPIM5087_zps52c1673b.jpg

 photo HPIM5090_zps9fde7d71.jpg

 photo HPIM5096_zps3a2f6f89.jpg

 photo HPIM5097_zpsdd84b201.jpg
If you're going to ask me what are the most important items in my closet, I'd tell you simple basic tops, shorts and dresses right away. Plain white shirts, little black dress, denim shorts, nice pair of jeans and plain tops and shorts. I think I can with only those things in my closet. You just have to mix and match, add funky and fun accessories and of course your favorite pair of heels and you'd look fab in an instant. Sometimes dressing down or simple is the best way to look great, not too overdressed just right.

What do you think?

Love Love, Denise <3

Monday, January 21, 2013


Finally, I'm on INSTAGRAM! Yey! 
You can follow me here:

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Follow me and show me your support, okay? :) :*

Love Love, Denise <3

Yellow to Pink

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”
-Coco Chanel 

 photo HPIM5039_zps53d4ece9.jpg
I wore a classic white top from Glamour Studio, Ombre distressed shorts from Kang Shorts, Wedges from Primadonna, Necklace I made myself (DIY) and Bangles from Ferocetti and Singapore.

 photo HPIM5053_zps92204e7f.jpg

 photo HPIM5041_zps83320c05.jpg
 photo HPIM5045_zps452354ff.jpg

 photo HPIM5050_zpsfb06b94a.jpg

 photo HPIM5051_zps7727b598.jpg
The weather is great today.
The sun is out but it's not scorching hot.
The weather makes me wear something colorful and breezy.

 photo HPIM5067_zpsd6d25ed7.jpg 

 photo HPIM5069_zps54e2a036.jpg
 They say simplicity is beauty, I agree but I think you should add more ooomph to make your look extra special. The classic cut white polo top is so simple so I matched it with Kang's Ombre shorts. Combining simple pieces with edgy and fashion forward pieces is for sure a perfect match and just put on cute and colorful accessories to complete the look. 

What do you think about my look today?

Love Love, Denise <3

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Capes and Studs

The weather is a bit gloomy outside so I decided that today is a cape worthy outfit day! Haha. 
The weather here in Manila is quite unbearable sometimes. 
So today I wanted to take advantage and play with my outfit. 


Top from K2, Cape form Thrift Shop, Shorts from Kang Shorts, Boots from LuZiCat and accessories from Bazaars.




Achieving a certain look doesn't mean having to spend a lot on a perfect dress or shoes. 
Sometimes you just have to keep your eyes open for bargains and thrift stores.  
I got this cape in a thrift shop for only 180 pesos.  
Being fashionable doesn't always mean wearing designer clothes.  
Fashion is about being resourceful and creative. 

PS. I know I know, we still have our Christmas decorations. Hahaha. Everyone at home doesn't want to move a muscle and get rid of all the decorations. Just don't mind it. Hahaha.

What do you think about my look? 

Love Love, Denise <3

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sosy Problems


I wore a simple casual outfit good for a movie date with my brother. My top is from FAB, Shorts from a Random Shop, Heels from Primadonna, Accessories from Bazaars and Bag from Coach. I changed my heels to flats immediately after this shoot cause I wanna feel comfortable and free from trips today. Haha.




So when we were younger my brother and I used to go out a lot, play around, go to malls and eat out but as we grow older we became a bit distant and have different priorities in life and I guess it's just the way it is. It's part of growing up and besides as a "maarte" girl that I am, doing girly stuffs irritates my brother. Hahaha. But as we mature and as we get out of all the uneasiness of puberty and all we grew closer together and I am so happy that my younger siblings open up to me and share their problems as well as their happy experiences. Anyway, enough with all the drama. Today my brother and I watched a movie together. We watched Sosy Problems (Filipino film and an official entry in Metro Manila Film Festival/MMFF). My brother really wanted to watch it cause he has a crush on Heart Evangelista ever since he was a kid and besides we have complimentary tickets for all the entries in MMFF. Thanks to Mom! Haha.

What do you think about my look?

Love Love, Denise <3 

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Start the Year Bright!

This is my first outfit post for 2013 so I opted to wear bright colored ensembles to welcome the year with excitement, happiness and positivity. I believe that what you wear is what you are. Dressing up channels your mood and attitude, if you feel a bit gloomy and sad you wear something dark and if you feel excited and happy you wear bright colors and loud prints. So I started with bright colors to invite good vibes and positive energy. I wanted to go big this year since I just recently graduated and passed the licensure exams, a lot of opportunities are knocking my door and I just wanted to grab every opportunity and rock 2013!
Anyway, here's my OOTD:




So today I wore something vibrant and fun. I wore a sheer mullet top from FAB, leggings from SM DEPARTMENT STORE, shoes from ZARA, accessories from BAZAARS and FEROCETTI and bag borrowed from my sister, DANIELLE

So how did you welcome 2013? 

Love Love, Denise <3