Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ferocetti's been idle for quite some time since me and my co-owners are really busy. 
Some with work, job hunt, studies but now we're back!

 photo 14891_548030295215587_657482385_n_zps8fd0e230.jpg

 photo 601142_548013231883960_1359615391_n_zps2eb43e10.jpg
Over-sized Aztec Top: P 300
 photo 535363_548021545216462_1111654816_n_zpsf0434044.jpg
 Black & Gray Aztec Sweater: P 280
 photo 314800_548013158550634_1253061637_n_zpsdae557c9.jpg
 White Over-sized Fringe Top: P 300
 photo 46754_548021478549802_277957148_n_zpsb1a8c48f.jpg
 White Rabbit Over-sized Top: P 300
 photo 535662_548013141883969_1265884818_n_zps07052144.jpg
 Black Sheer Long Sleeves Top: P 350 
 photo 74179_548013391883944_1116806933_n_zps93a6d5e7.jpg
 White Vintage Design Top: P 300

 photo 537393_548019935216623_57952420_n_zpsc5b2acea.jpg
 FEROCETTI SHOP is BACK! :) So what are you waiting for? 
Shop now. Shop Crazy. Shop at FEROCETTI. :)
You can visit our page here: FEROCETTISHOP

Love Love, Denise <3

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