Saturday, March 02, 2013

Instagram: FEBRUARY

Instagram Pictures of FEBRUARY:
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 Food trip 1: (L-R) Cibo Salami Melazzo & Calamansi Juice, Sbarro and Barbeque Party 
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 Food trip 2: Valentine's Day Cake from Boyfie, Leche Flan and Buffet Dinner (Party for Ate Kat)
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Date with Boyfie, Dentist Day with my Sister, Dentist: Danielle, Dad and I :)
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Errand Day, New Babies from Primadonna and Seeing double: Split Pic!
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Throwback Pictures: BTS of Ferocetti Shop Photoshoot, With Baby Boy and Ferocetti Shop Pictures 
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Outfit Shots: Black, Oversized and Little Black Dress
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