Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In Skulls and Paint!

It's been a while since my last post. 
Been bumming around the house this past few weeks, too lazy to get up, go out, take pictures and blog.
Hahaha. Forgive my laziness. Oh nose!
Anyway, I'm back! Here's my OOTD for today:
 photo HPIM5743_zps80e32b09.jpg

 photo HPIM5757_zps182524b1.jpg

 photo HPIM5764_zps317e42c5.jpg

 photo HPIM5767_zpsc9583b54.jpg
 Splash of Paint Top from Ferocetti Shop, Skulls Distressed and Studded Shorts from Kang Shorts, Studded Necklaces and Rings from Bazaar, Watch from Swatch and Heels from Primadonna.

 photo HPIM5773_zps996792ff.jpg

 photo HPIM5789_zpse3056aa7.jpg

 photo HPIM5799_zps876bb088.jpg

 photo HPIM5800_zpsda165a65.jpg

 photo HPIM5805_zps13fb1665.jpg

 photo HPIM5813_zps48b6ca3b.jpg
 Today, I just wore a top with paint splash details matched with skulls distressed shorts with studs details.
Finished the look with black and silver studded accessories and heels.
I love the details of the shorts, I've always wanted the "rock and roll look", don't you think it's very biker girl-ish, 
big bike na lang ang kulang then good to go na. Hahaha. 
I just wore casual clothes so that I can move around and do all the errands I need to do.

 What do you think about my look?

Love Love, Denise <3

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